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Established in 2017 Goodments creates sustainable investing solutions to advise professionals and retail customers. Focusing on tools that help our customers engage with sustainable and responsible investing, our goal is to play a key role in redirecting capital to environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and ethical business.

We believe that this meets the needs of the next gen investor, will lead to better long term performance for our customers, investments, and secure our planet's future, making it a more equal and ethical place to live.

The Goodments Adviser tool is a discovery, research and advice support tool, designed to give Advisers the confidence to understand their customer responsible investing parameters, access ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) research for over 7,000 global equities and funds, and incorporate outcomes into the advice process.

The Goodments Adviser tool is a software product which the Advisers use to help them give advice to their clients. This advice is of the Advisers, not Goodments.

Using independent sustainability data, Goodments scores investments across Environmental, Social and Governance performance, to help you understand how “good” they are. Every investment is provided with a score out of 100.

Our Environment criteria looks at a company’s energy use, waste, pollution, natural resource conservation and animal treatment. We also evaluate which environmental risks might affect a company’s income and how the company is managing those risks.

Our Social criteria looks at how the company and its supply chain treats its people and the community around it. We do this through analysing things like the company’s working conditions, employees’ health and safety, human rights, business relationships, charitable community and volunteer work.

Our Governance criteria looks at how the company is run. It looks at if the company is transparent and ethical, if it has strong and independent leadership, how diverse the management is, executive compensation and employee relationships, incidents and risk exposures.

Goodments provides sustainability rating to over 7,000 global companies and funds.

Working from a framework of covering Environmental, Social and Governance issues, Goodments empowers user to build a portfolio of companies based on their sustainable preferences and exclusions.

• Providing an overall ‘Goodments score’ out of 100 and three key scores for Environmental, Social and Governance considerations, companies are categorised across four risk levels: fantastic, good, okay and bad.
• A company is analysed and scored based on its actions, policy, awareness of and management of ESG risk, across its entire supply chain, partnerships and product lines.
• Goodments identifies companies involved in a range of products, services and business activities for screening purposes as well as identifying companies involved in incidents that may negatively impact the environment, society, employees and stakeholders.
• A company is measured against its industry peers and against the global universe.
• Companies are exposed to different ESG issues to different degrees. The assessment to this exposure is driven by sub-industry and company-specific factors.
• The magnitude to which a company is exposed to ESG risk and how well the company is managing that risk is measured and incorporated into the scoring.
• Responsible funds are scored based on the scores of the underlying companies that the funds invest in. To be available on Goodments, responsible funds must have a specific sustainable mission, methodology to portfolio construction (eg. screening) or by thematic investment approach be working towards a providing environmental, social or ethical benefit.

Our data is sourced from Independent ratings agencies (Sustainalytics), brand and parent company annual reports and websites, credible third-party reports (eg. Clean 200) and industry standards bodies (e.g. PRI – Principles of Responsible Investing, CDP – Carbon Disclosure Project)

Goodments score are based on two types of research, Comprehensive and Core. Comprehensive scores are based on analysis of over 300 data points on each company. Core scores are based on up to 50 points.

Awarded rankings are based on scores and do consider product or service involvement (exclusion screens). This is done for the specific reason, that it is up to the customer to decide what to exclude from their portfolio. At a minimum we have designed the score to promote a ‘best of breed’ approach to selection eg. a customer may want to purchase a lithium mining stock due to the importance of lithium in electric vehicle production. The holistic scoring and ranking approach will promote the highest scoring company based on their broad sustainability.

• Goodments Score of 80+ (Fantastic)
• Goodments Score of 60- 80 (Good)
• Goodments Score of 40 – 60 (Okay)
• Goodments Score of less than 40 (Bad)

Companies are show in the Goodments app as:

• A Match – If the investment matches your ESG profile and is not excluded
• Not a Match (Conflicts) - If the company is excluded from your profile based on areas of business and incidents that company of funds is involved in.

Invite your customers to complete their responsible investing profile. This enables you as the Adviser to understand the industries and behaviours that your client wants to support and which they want to avoid. The results are generated using the Goodments algorithm and show investments as matches or conflicts to that profile.

Matches are the investments in the Goodments universe (7,000+ companies) which align the the client's current responsible investing profile.

Conflicts are those investments that do not match the client's responsible investing profile and once uploaded, will highlight which investments in the client's current portfolio that do not align with their values.

Controversies are short term and / or one -off incidents or issues that the company has had exposure to, but do not necessarily constitute and business behaviour or involvement in a sector that deems the company to be in direct conflict with your client's responsible investing profile. For example, this might include unethical conduct, being linked to legal disputes, or operating in countries with poor human rights records.

Uploading your client's portfolio allows you to see what existing investments conflict with your client's responsible investing profile. This allows you to identify which investments should be reviewed.

Designed to help you as the Adviser to highlight if any investments, including those identified as a conflict to your client’s responsible investing profile, should be “Retained” in the client’s investment portfolio - a great opportunity to hold a client discussion. Mark an investment for “Review” at a later date (for example at the next portfolio management committee meeting), or agree with your clients to “Remove” it as soon as possible and replace with an alternative investment that better suits the client's responsible investing profile. For those investments that are a match to the client's responsible investing profile, you as the Advisers will be able mark any investment as “Review” or “Add” if you want to consider adding it to the client's portfolio.

Whenever an investment is tagged, it will become available in the Advice Outputs section for that client so you can add the decisions to your Statement/Record of Advice.

Goodments provides a scaled measure of risk based on the lifetime volatility of the share price. Measured against a benchmark (Company: Industry, Fund: MSCI World) each investment is scored One, Two or Three. One means lower volatility than the benchmark, 2 is the same as the benchmark end three is higher than the benchmark.

The average return, positive or negative, for this company over a 3 year period. It's calculated based on daily returns from the past 3 years.

Goodments provides a scaled measure of risk based on the lifetime volatility of the share price. Measured against a benchmark, each investment is scored as “Higher”, the “Same” as, or “Lower” relative to the benchmark.

All data and information is secured and encrypted.

No, never. The Goodments Adviser tool is a tool built for you, as the Adviser, to use with your clients. We do not contact your clients.

You can upgrade, downgrade and cancel your subscription at any time. Should you wish you account to be closed and data erased please contact Goodments directly. By starting a monthly subscription you are entering into a service agreement managed under the terms offered by Stripe, our payment provider.

Any refunds will be applicable from the end of the current billing period. You will retain access to Goodments until the end of that billing cycle.

All data will be stored by Goodments but it will only be accessible to those accounts with an active paid plan.